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what we do

ever said these words to a colleague or friend: “I wish I didn’t have to attend this training session?” or “I’m just going to show face at Tiffany’s birthday party and then i’ll meet you guys at the party”… well, we make your event “the party”!


what do we do? simplified gamification.

we. play. games.

want to hear the cool part? we partnered with top developers across the globe to integrate the games we play with iOS, Android & other smart devices. neat right?


they say “work hard play hard” & in the name of simplification we say, “play hard at work”.


utilizing games we all know & incorporating skills we use on a daily basis, we tailor make your event and connect brain- & physical muscle memory to your content.

we guarantee your audience will reach maximum engagement, maximum participation, and maximum fun!


our returns policy? if you don’t get a WOW from your crowd, 100% your money back. no fuss. no negotiation & the only “what / why” you will get from us is what we can do better next time.

What we do

services & pricing


think you are one of the top smarties in the box? prove it! 

here's a summary of what we do & what we can do for you. want to talk to us in person? give us a ring / chat on whatsapp.


corporate style events:

  • classic quiz - R4 950

    • online / in-person / hybrid.

    • typically 1 - 2 hours.

    • quiz like you know it but taken to the next level (using ai & algorithms).

    • 40 questions in total & based around your event theme / the occasion.

    • digital score & time keeping system.

    • great for groups of 2 - 999.

    • typically used as teambuilding / training / awards function & can be tailored to your exact needs.

  • survivor - R9 950

    • in-person only event.

    • typically 2 - 4 hour.

    • similar but nothing like the "survivor" tv-show!

    • you've made it this far in the corporate world, but can you survive the party?

    • series of 4 - 6 games testing knowledge, wit, problem solving skills & team work.

    • game content based around your function / event.

    • great for groups of 20 - 120.

    • typically used as teambuilding / product launch / award function & can be tailored to your exact needs.

  • the most amazing race - R11 500 

    • in-person / multi-national hybrid event.

    • 1 hour - 30 days (we'll explain).

    • series of 40 to 120 challenges depending on bravery, fitness levels & creativity of your participants.

    • hosted as intense high pressure 1 hour experience / 30 day challenge.

    • text, photo, video & location based challenges..

    • social media like mobile app where participants engage with content from completed challenges (like & comment!).

    • race around your office park? city? country? we'll create the ultimate fun-race to beat the rat-race of the human race.

    • content based around your function / event.

    • great for groups of 20 - 120.

    • typically used as teambuilding / just for fun & can be tailored to your exact needs.

private party style events:

  • wedding package - R6 950

    • in-person only event (obviously)

    • typically 4 - 8 hours.

    • including DJ, sound equipment, MC & quiz  

    • quiz based around the couple designed to get everyone in the vibe of the ultimate wedding.

    • master of ceremonies included with enough engagement tactics to keep the audience entertained & make the most of your day.

    • before you ask, yes you can send us your playlist too

    • as Michael Scott from "The Office US" said: "a wedding is the fusion of two metals with a hot torch"... that doesn't make any sense does it. what does make sense is that your wedding the hot event of the year with something different & cool!

    • special requests encouraged.


  • birthday party scavenger hunt - R5 950

    • in-person / hybrid event

    • typically 2 hour - 4 hours.

    • series of 40 - 60 challenges around your complex, garden, farm or city!

    • you choose the level of desired intensity 

    • unique birthday party designed for the physically fit and mentally sharp.

    • text, photo, video & location based challenges.

    • social media like mobile app where participants engage with content from completed challenges (like & comment!).

    • content based around the person of interest!

    • great for groups of 4 to 40.

    • music & post hunt activities available.

  • birthday party & quiz - R3 450

    • in-person / online / hybrid.

    • typically 4-8 hours.

    • who really knows the birthday person?  let's see with a quiz designed around the birthday boy / girl / non-binary person! 

    • 25 - 35 questions

    • digital score & time keeping system.

    • great for ages 6 - 99! 

    • music & all equipment included.

    • karaoke & other games available as post game party activities​.

  • d.i.y / build-your-own party! -FROM R990

    • in-person / online / hybrid.

    • 2 - 24 hours, you decide!

    • don't want this but want to add that? we'll let you decide.

    • deep inner desire to be in control & want to plan your own thing and just have someone host it? we're in!

    • need ideas and no idea what to do? we'll help.

    • choose between various party elements such as quiz, karaoke, dancing monkeys & whatever else your heart desires. 

services & pricing

why us

the internet is full of words such as algorithms, AI, statics, analytics. can we use that to make the usual “boring” into unusual “OMG”? why not.

quiz/trivia games haven’t changed in 140 years. why not.


can we incorporate tv-style game shows & reality productions into a wedding, training event, year end function? why not.


the human race tend to do things the way we have always been doing it. can training, fundraising, teambuilding, partying truly be awesome, unique, stacks fun & a whole lot better? why not.

*(if you are a charity / npo, your fundraiser won’t cost you a thing. call us, we’ll explain)


client testimonials

"This guy is totally awesome"  

   - anonymous (definitely not a friend).

"WOW. Literally the best team building event we have ever had & we team build a lot."

   – digital consultancy (after year-end function)

"Christo, baie dankie vir dit wat julle doen… Ek sien uit daarna om baie meer van julle in die toekoms te hoor!"

   – Riaan Cruywagen (really. we have the proof)

"You were amazing. We made a MEAN team. I look forward to working with you in future."

   – corporate bank (after campaign activation event)


"My son, um, I mean the quizmaster did the best Christmas party for us and the rest of the family. I mean the other people at the function"

   - anonymous (a proud parent)

Baie dankie vir n great event! Stuur asb al die foto's wat jy geneem het. Ek kannie glo die baas het so lekker gedans nie!

   – training company (after yearend function)


why us
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would you buy a car without test-driving it? heck no!

before committing to you & the social committee commit to your next event, we’d love to have a ms teams / zoom call with you & show you what you've been missing out on.


click the buttons below to get in touch and we’ll arrange everything. easy-peasy!

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