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what we do

ever said these words to a colleague or friend: “I wish I didn’t have to attend this training session?” or “I’m just going to show face at Tiffany’s birthday party and then i’ll meet you guys at the party”… well, we make your event “the party”!


what do we do? simplified gamification.

we. play. games.

want to hear the cool part? we partnered with top developers across the globe to integrate the games we play with iOS, Android & other smart devices. neat right!


they say “work hard play hard” & in the name of simplification we say, “play hard at work”.


utilizing games we all know & incorporating skills we use on a daily basis, we tailor make your event and connect brain- & physical muscle memory to your content.

we guarantee your audience will reach maximum engagement, maximum participation, and maximum fun!


our returns policy? if you don’t get a WOW from your crowd, 100% your money back. no fuss. no negotiation & the only “what / why” you will get from us is what we can do better next time.

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